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A regular health checkup is much more than just a medical exam. With a health checkup, we can help patients maintain their health and offer suggestions to prevent any health issues the patient may be at risk for. A health checkup involves examining the patient’s current health, medical history, existing conditions and other factors that can hinder their quality of life.

Health checkups are offered at Mosaic Family Care Medical Group in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Under the direction of Dr. Juan A. Silva M.D. and Dr. Lisa Ma M.D., our team will examine the patient for any disease or disabilities that cause the patient pain. With a health checkup, we can also keep track of a patient’s overall wellbeing and recommend ways to avoid problems that hinder one’s overall health and lifestyle.

If you need treatment or want to receive a health checkup, call us at (323) 639-4239 today to schedule an appointment.

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Benefits of a health checkup

A health checkup can be the first step in catching the early signs of a condition and preventing it from fully developing in a patient. While people may receive regular checkups for most of their childhood, they tend to schedule them less and less with age. The variety of reasons can range from busy schedules and cost to not feeling a necessity for it.

Patients who only seek treatment when they are experiencing symptoms of a disease or are sick, do not need to wait until that point. By seeking regular health checkups, we can help to prevent these conditions from reaching this stage. Benefits of a health checkup at Mosaic Family Care Medical Group include:

  • Treat symptoms of current conditions
  • Test for and prevent conditions before they start
  • Keep an eye on health factors the patient may be at a predisposition for
  • Review a patient’s lifestyle and recommend specific ways to boost health
  • Monitor current conditions and make changes to a current treatment plan
  • Provide follow-up care
  • A health checkup is the most effective way to monitor the various factors of one’s health. Along with that, seeing the same general physician can make it easier to track the status of specific conditions. We can use the results from past checkups to help with diabetes treatment, pulmonary disease, high cholesterol, old sports injuries and more.


    As a general practitioner and family doctor, we understand the importance of regular medical care. With our primary care, internal medicine and preventive medicine, we can help patients of varying ages receive the care they need. Along with that, we can also provide treatment to patients of varying ages from children to the elderly.

    Since there are a lot of questions about health checkups and medical care in general, here are a few common questions and our answers to them.

    How long will the health checkup take?

    A health checkup can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. The amount of time that it takes will vary per patient, preexisting conditions the patient already has and more. This is also the chance for the patient to ask any questions they have about their health.

    How often do I need a health checkup?

    While it is beneficial to at least receive annual health checkups, people with a disease or disability may need more appointments. If you are unsure of the last time you received a health checkup, give us a call.

    If my family has a history of diabetes, should I be tested for it?

    Yes. While there may not be immediate symptoms of diabetes, a genetic predisposition is one of the more important causes of Type 2 diabetes. The earlier a patient begins testing for diabetes, the more preventive action we can take to prepare the patient and prevent diabetic complications from occurring.

    Call us if you begin to notice any signs of diabetes, including frequent urination, increased thirst, always feeling hungry, tingling/numbness in the hands or feet or blurry vision. We can diagnose the condition and help the patient begin treatment to manage their symptoms.

    Do you provide geriatric medicine?

    Yes, at Mosaic Family Care Medical Group, Dr. Silva also provides geriatric medicine to elderly patients. If you or a loved one needs geriatric medicine, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can help to provide treatment and advice on how to boost the patient’s overall health.

    An old sports injury is still causing pain, should I seek an examination?

    While the initial injury has healed and the pain is not as strong as before, there are movements a patient can make that causes the injury to flare up again. Straining the specific area of the old injury can cause irritation and risk it happens again. The longer the patient avoids seeking treatment, the worse it will get. Visit us to learn how we can help to ease the pain and prevent this from occurring.

    To inquire about a health checkup and other medical services, call us at (323) 639-4239 and schedule an appointment today.

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