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At Mosaic Family Care Medical Group, we strive to help patients receive the professional primary care and internal medicine they need. With our preventive medicine and health services, it is possible to prevent health issues from reaching their worst possible state. Our family doctor’s office can treat patients of varying ages, from young to old. Under the direction of Dr. Juan A. Silva M.D. and Dr. Lisa Ma M.D., our team can help to provide the medical care you need for recovery and healing.

If you need a doctor for preventative care or treatment for existing conditions, call us at (323) 639-4239 today and schedule an appointment.

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Our Team

From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up appointments, our team will take the time to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. Dr. Juan A. Silva M.D., Dr. Lisa Ma M.D.and the team at Mosaic Family Care Medical Group will help patients receive the care they need and guide them through the recovery process. No matter the patient’s age, internal medicine and regular checkups are crucial. Our team helps patients to relax by addressing any concerns and answering any questions they might have. We will also schedule follow-up appointments as necessary. With regular annual checkups, we can help identify any early warning signs of a more serious condition and diagnose a customized treatment.

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Our Services

At Mosaic Family Care Medical Group, we offer a variety of services as a comprehensive medical clinic. Along with preventive medicine, and full scope family medicine with antiaging approach, we also provide aesthetics, geriatric treatment, and alternative medicine. Under the direction of Dr. Juan A. Silva M.D. and Dr. Lisa Ma M.D., we can also provide diabetes management, IV vitamin therapy, high cholesterol treatment, vaccinations, adult immunizations, PRP injections, holistic vitamins and essential oils. If you notice any issues with your health or find that certain symptoms do not seem to be going away, call us at (323) 639-4239 to schedule an appointment. We can help to customize the treatment to meet the individual patient’s needs.

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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on a “New Patient Information Form.” This form covers the patient’s medical history, current condition, allergies, insurance and any other pertinent information we need to know. With this information, we will be able to customize the treatment to each individual patient. We can also keep this information on record and update any changes in the future. At Mosaic Family Care Medical Group, we understand that no patient is exactly like another. Thus, Dr. Juan A. Silva M.D., Dr. Lisa Ma M.D. and the team strives to help customize the treatment since there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. The length of time for treatment will also vary per patient.